EO2Heaven - Earth Observation and Environmental Modelling for the Mitigation of Health Risks

EO2Heaven is a research project co-funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) Environmental theme. It started on 1st February 2010. The duration of the projects is three years and the allocated European Commission funding is more than Euro 6 million.

EO2HEAVEN contributes to a better understanding of the complex relationships between environmental changes and their impact on human health. The project will monitor changes induced by human activities, with emphasis on atmospheric, river, lake and coastal marine pollution.

EO2HEAVEN will follow a multidisciplinary and user-driven approach involving public health stakeholders who will work closely with technology and service providers in both the earth observation and in-situ environmental monitoring domain. The result of this collaboration will be the design and development of a GIS based upon an open and standards-based Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII) envisaged as a helpful tool for research of human exposure and early detection of potential health endangerments.

Case Studies

Throughout the life span of the project the stakeholder requirements from three different case studies (in Europe and Southern Africa) will be assessed and the technical solutions proposed by EO2HEAVEN will be evaluated through an iterative process, thus ensuring that the solutions can be applied on a global scale.



A first case study will be developed in Dresden (Germany) addressing the environment effects on allergies and cardiovascular diseases. A second case study will be located in south Durban industrial basin (South Africa) and will deal mainly with the pollution and respiratory diseases. The third case study will be conducted in Uganda and will investigate the impact of climatic variables on the outbreak of cholera.

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