Collaborative Analysis of Offenders' Personal and Area-Based Social Exclusion
- A demonstrator project for e-social science at the University of Sheffield

The aims of this project are

  • To demonstrate how grid technologies can enhance the capacity to address substantive social science research questions and to bring together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds
  • To build an interdisciplinary community of scientists who can carry forward and develop e-social sciences;
  • To produce training output supporting the application of grid technologies for social science.

The novel approach from a technical perspective involves testing the integration of grid architecture for distributed access and data processing, together with Open-GIS architecture ( for geographic information search, retrieval, portrayal, and integration across software–independent platforms held by research institutions and government agencies in the region. 

A key component of the project is to observe how the different communities of academics and practitioners involved in this demonstrator interact and socially shape the new technology and methods involved in grid computing. This will provide a much needed understanding of the social construction of this innovative tool for the social science, and contribute to the development of the necessary training material.


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