GETIS - Geoprocessing Network in a European Terretorial Interoperability Study

GETIS aimed to contribute to an improved technological quality in the geo-processing market sector by analyzing the most innovative information sources available. As the greatest concern of the project was focused on the users, it largely contributed to this community, directly in the sense of economic actors (for example, the EO industry) as well as indirectly, for example, in the case of disaster management, where accurate and quick information save lives.

The current situation in Europe is that numerous technology and content based initiatives compete for market share and research investment. This is a poor starting point compared with other regions, such as North America, where strong federal initiatives are a better basis for entrepreneurial exploitation.

Funded through the European Commission's 5th Framework for Technological Development, this project spanned multiple countries but remains user driven and focused on Disaster Management to prove the need for Interoperability.


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